Does our toxic environment concern you? Are you becoming more aware of the foods you eat and the lifestyle you follow and the environment you live in?

Living a healthy and environmentally respectful lifestyle does not begin and end with food choices and recycling within your home. Many choices we make as consumers also contribute to our health and the health of the world around us.

At Penny Black Organic a focus on both our clients’ health and the broader impact of our services on our environment is at the heart of the experience we offer.

We are Australia’s first Certified Green Salons, based in Sydney’s tree-fringed Manley Beach and the Sunshine Coast’s Forest Glen.

Offering a holistic and immersive range of hair and beauty treatments, Penny Black’s products and services comply with the Nordic Eco Label Certification. This means all our organic products are non-toxic – protecting both your health and our earth’s environment.

If you value your health and the health of your surrounding environment visit Penny Black Organic – your hair and beauty experiences will be forever changed.

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