What does a nineteenth century monarch, the postal service and a Sunshine Coast Hair salon have to do with each other?

Well, new ideas are the product of intuition, passion and a bold resolve to do things differently, and this is the intersection of these subjects.

178 years ago, the postal service was revolutionised by the introduction of pre-paid adhesive stamps. The first of these stamps was the Penny Black. Pressed against a regal black backdrop and elegantly embossed with the image of Britain’s longest serving monarch, Queen Victoria, this postal stamp has become symbolic of vision and innovation. This eloquent 1840 invention fundamentally changed the way people communicated by making the postal service affordable and accessible to ordinary people.

While the postal service is taken for granted today, the idea of a penny post scheme was as extravagant as it was radical in nineteenth century Britain. Yet it paved the way for a bustling and private communication system that would be adopted throughout the world.

Just as the Penny Black stamp revolutionised the postal service, Penny Black Organic is determined to transform the hair and beauty industry in Australia.
Previously Lush Organic Hair and Spa, Penny Black Organic has changed its namesake to match the innovative passion of the business.

Flying in the face of normality, Penny Black Organic is setting the standard for environmentally sustainable trading in Australia by providing its customers with a uniquely green experience. This Sunshine Coast hair salon has earnt the prestigious Green Salon certification from Denmark’s progressive Gron Salon accreditation body. This title assures customers that all products and processes of the salon satisfy strict environmental and climate based criteria and that the business is continuously improving its sustainability.

Offering a tailored experience to all customers, Penny Black offers a wide array of products and services that go far beyond its competition, including magnesium flotation therapy, hot stone massages and body rituals.

To find out more about how Penny Black Organic is pushing the envelope on sustainable practice, visit the salon at 10/330 Mons Rd, Forest Glen QLD 4556.
Contact them on 07 5476 8315 or find them online via Facebook and Instagram.

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