As Australia’s first Certified Green Salon, we’ve seen first-hand the wonderful benefits of offering and enjoying a green and eco-friendly beauty routine. We could go on and on, but here are our five top reasons why you should make the switch today:

1. Really treat yourself
Beauty services are designed to pamper you, but that all goes out the window when toxic chemicals are involved. The products we use at Penny Black Organic contain no toxic or harmful chemicals to ensure you look and feel your absolute best.

2. It’s more than our beauty services
You shouldn’t have to sacrifice green living for the sake of beauty. Not only have we taken a green approach to beauty, Penny Black Organic ensures everything in our salons from the paint on our walls to the filters in our water are eco-friendly.

3. Making you and the environment beautiful
Many of us know all to well the negative impacts traditional beauty products have on our hair and skin, but what about environmental impacts? At Penny Black Organic we know the life cycle of all of our products from raw material to waste, and we are dedicated to using products that cause minimal harm.

4. You won’t be fooled
Many products that claim to be green, organic or natural are actually anything but. Certified Green Salons follow strict Nordic Ecolabel guidelines on which chemicals to avoid in our products and services, so you know for sure that Penny Black Organic is using top quality offerings.

5. Green beauty is the way of the future
Many companies in and out of the beauty industry are taking steps to reduce their ecological footprint. It can be daunting to take the leap to green beauty, but Penny Black Organic is here to help.

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