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What is float therapy?

The Floatation tank was developed in 1954 by John C. Lilly, a medical practitioner and neuropsychiatrist. Floating is commonly referred to as Floatation Therapy or Sensory Deprivation. At Penny Black Organic we use 100% natural food grade concentrated Epsom salt solution (500kg of magnesium sulphate) which creates the perfect buoyancy for you to float effortlessly. The water is heated to body temperature for your comfort. The floatation pod looks like a large enclosed bathtub, creating a sound and light proof environment allowing you to block out external distractions, allowing your mind to drift into a deep state of relaxation and to disconnect from the day’s busy environment.

On the day of your float

Please arrive at least 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment for your float orientation. Please ensure you fill out your client card thoroughly and true to ensure your safety and enjoyment throughout your float. Please ask any questions about floating at this time. You will be asked to shower, as you must be thoroughly cleansed prior to entering the tank. Robes, towels and disposable ear plugs are provided. Once your hour is up, the music will gently start playing to let you know it is time to exit the pod. The spa is well supplied with shampoo, conditioner and body wash.

To reduce noise levels in our spa zone we cannot supply hairdryers in the floatation room for the consideration of our clients receiving treatments in nearby rooms. We do offer professional blowdry’s and hair treatments following your float session, please ask one of our friendly team members to check availability. Alkaline water is provided for drinking within your room, we recommend you sit and relax for a few minutes after your float. We also ask you to be aware of your scheduled 75minute time slot and exit the room no later. Please allow on spending 1.5 hours with us for your first floatation session

Float & Relax $140 – 2 – Deepen your relaxation experience with a full body massage with our therapist to address problem areas, reduce tension and calm your nervous system. 

Here is what you need to know...

1.) Hair Colour & Spray Tan – Floating is not permitted within two weeks of having your Hair coloured or a spray tan.

2.) Please avoid perfumes, moisturiser’s and essential oils before coming to float – We have a shower in the float room to cleanse your body before your float, also please avoid heavy make-up, and excessive hair products.

3.) Only eat light before floating – to avoid becoming light headed or nausea

4.) Avoid alcohol and stimulants – i.e caffeine, tea or smoking at least three hours prior to entering the floatation tank. This will assist you in letting go and truly relaxing.

5.) Be mindful of your ears – If you are prone to ear infections or any inner ear condition that may be irritated by water, please bring your own ear water specific plugs, we supply standard, silicon disposable ear plugs only. We recommend thoroughly rinsing your ear’s after your float session.

6.) What to wear – You do not need to bring a bathing suit as it is preferable to float naked.

7.) It’s OK to fall asleep  The density of the salt in the float pod is such that it will always support you, regardless of your size or weight. It is not dangerous to fall asleep in the pod,  it’s even encouraged to fall asleep in the floatation pod – one hour of delta sleep is equivalent to 6 to 8 hours of very deep sleep!!

8.) You can keep the door open if you wish – You may even float with the door open if you like, however please keep in mind your body temperature can drop. Since there is an absence of sensation, space and time so it is difficult to feel claustrophobic within the pod.

9.) The Water – There is 500kg’s of 100% Natural, Food Grade Magnesium dissolved in the pod. Salinity is at 1.37 grams per cubic centimetre. The solution is so high in saline that no living microorganism can survive in there. After each session, the entire volume of the solution is pumped out and filtered through a three part filtration and sterilization system utilizing Ultra Violet light and H2O2. UV is the safest most effective system available. It maintains the water’s soft, clean and clear appearance.

10.) Pregnancy – Due to the weightless effect in the tank, pregnant women in the later stages of pregnancy have found floatation tank therapy to be one of the best available pain relief therapies available, so yes, it’s safe to float. Although always consult your physician before floating.

11.) Don’t float if you are ill – You should not float if you are presently ill, have incontinence, kidney problems, epilepsy or have an active skin condition. People with severe medical conditions or are pregnant, should consult their physician before floating.

12.) Relax – Please RELAX and enjoy your 60minute floatation session!